Step By Step Porcelain Veneers

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Teeth Before Proceedure

Although these teeth look quite good, this patient was not happy with their smile due to the square appearance staining of the teeth.


Step 1: Teeth Preparation

The selected teeth are prepared.

Step 2: Veneer Fabrication

An identical model is made from impressions of the prepared teeth The Veneers are then made to fit this identical model for the desired look.
 The Veneers are very thin, but extremely strong once bonded to the tooth.


Step 4: Veneer Placement

1. The Veneers are placed on the teeth and bonded in place 2. They cover the teeth for maximum aesthetics
3. Through Veneers, desired shape and color is achieved 4. One or more veneers can be placed to achieve the desired effect.


Step 5: Comfort

Seamless bonding is applied to achieve greatest comfort, noted especially in this underside before and after view

Final Result


The final desired result is achieved, indistinguishable from a great set of natural teeth.

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