The Dentist in Aurora CO Families Trust Shares Truth About Getting Dental Implants In A Single Day

As a dentist in Aurora, CO I have found that local TV providers are airing a LOT of commercials for Aurora dentists and dental implant centers claiming that patients can get dental implants or teeth replacements, crowns and dentures in a single day.  You may have heard this referred to as “teeth in a day” dental implant centers.  The commercials are everywhere, and every shady outfit seem to be jumping on the dental implant bandwagon.  There are a lot of fast talking commercials out there, and separating fact from fiction can be difficult.


 So, is it true? Can you really get a whole new set of teeth complete with dental implants in Aurora CO in just a single day? This Aurora dentist has the answers you are looking for!


While it’s true that there are surgeries that can give you teeth back on the day of surgery, often times this advertising is misleading.

Shocked?  Let me explain.  As a dentist in Auora CO I can tell you from experience (mine and my patients) there can be a great deal of preparation work before this surgery can take place.  Most patients are not just going to walk in to a dental implant center in Aurora CO (or anywhere in the country) and get surgery that same day.  Sometimes this preparation work for dental implants at dental implant centers can take MANY appointments and MONTHS of treatment.  

The thing most patients don’t realize is that these procedures, while often advertised at “dental implant centers” can actually be accomplished at a general dentist’s office, provided the dentist has adequate training and comfort with these procedures.  At Summerbrook Dental Group we’re not the typical dentist in Aurora CO you might be used to.  We are proud to have state-of-the-art equipment and tools and we have the trainingand knowledge necessary to place dental implants, achieving exactly the same end result as patients receive at a dental implant center.  

Better yet, we can usually place dental implants and give patients the same “teeth in a day” procedures at a fraction of the cost, and have been known to come in at 50% off of these larger, more expensive dental implant centers in Aurora, CO.

To learn more about this, watch a short video from Dr. Craig here.  

If you are searching for an Aurora Dentist and are wondering if dental implants are for everyone, the answer is: Of course not!  But if you have an ill-fitting denture or need to replace all of your teeth, we have received the advanced training necessary to place dental implants and to do other teeth in a day procedures.  The best part is that we offer a FREE consultation (unlike most of the other Aurora CO dental implant centers).  Either Click Here to fill out our contact request form or call our office at 303-693-1215 today and we’ll get started answering your questions!