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After Treating Gum Disease
If you are a patient who has had treatment for periodontal disease, including scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) or surgery, we will probably want to see you about 4 times a year in order to ensure that the disease process is under control. These appointments will include a regular... 07 March, 2014
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Treating Gum Disease
As bacteria, plaque and other harmful products build up around your teeth and under your gums, your tissues can be damaged. Treatment of gum disease depends on the severity of the disease as well as what your overall goals are. Often times, if gingivitis is present, normal cleanings will be recommended.... 07 March, 2014
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Diagnosing Gum Disease
Any time you come in for a routine checkup and cleaning, or if you're a new patient, we will do a periodontal (gum) exam.  During this exam, we'll be checking for the general health of your gums, whether there is any recession, inflammation or infection, and we'll check the health... 07 March, 2014
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