A bridge is an excellent way to replace missing teeth. A bridge is permanently attached in your mouth and is non-removable except by a dentist. There are a few different kinds of bridges, and if you’re interested in learning what the differences are, we’d be glad to talk to you more about these options.

Regardless of which type of bridge you choose, all bridges will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Why get a bridge?

A bridge is usually used just to replace a missing tooth.  But there can be a variety of reasons to get a bridge, including stabilization of the surrounding teeth, to restore the ability to chew or speak or because of esthetic concerns.  We’d be happy to talk about what your goals are and we can go over the options available to you.

So what can I expect?

Getting a bridge usually takes 2 appointments.  At the first appointment we’ll get you numb and prepare the surrounding teeth for a bridge.  We’ll also take a few highly accurate impressions so that we can communicate with the dental laboratory on exactly how your bridge is to be designed.  We’ll select the appropriate shade and  make a temporary acrylic bridge for you to wear for 2 weeks while the lab makes the “permanent” bridge.  At the second appointment, you usually don’t have to be numb.  We’ll take the acrylic bridge off and bond the new bridge in place. You can usually eat on it the same day.  It’s that easy!