Checkups And Cleanings

Checkups And Cleanings

Dental Checkups

Routine checkups are essential for even the healthiest of patients.  Many times, there may be areas of your teeth or gums that you cannot see on your own at home which have underlying problems.  While usually a dental checkup just consists of a routine cleaning and exam, there may be times when we’ll have additional information for you. 

What can I expect?

When you come in for a dental checkup, we’ll check the health of your gums to ensure there is no infection or inflammation.  Many times, gum disease manifests without any pain or discomfort and can progress to an irreversible state rather quickly.  That’s why it’s important to have us check the health of your gums in a timely manner.  In addition, we’ll check your TMJ, look for any dental decay and suggest any x-rays that we feel are necessary for a complete diagnosis.  We also perform oral cancer screenings on every patient.  While oral cancer is extremely rare, it can progress very quickly and is a very deadly kind of cancer.  Routine checkups are usually recommended every 6 months to ensure you are healthy.

Routine dental cleanings:

Routine dental cleanings are recommended every 6 months.  During your cleaning a dental exam will be performed (see above description). Your dental hygienist will remove any buildup on your teeth and will polish your teeth so that you can leave with that slick, shiny feeling that most patients love when they leave the dentist.  Unlike most offices, when you come to Summerbrook Dental Group, you have a choice of which hygienist you would prefer to see.  Most offices only have one hygienist, but we have found that with the wide array of personalities and preferences that our patients bring to our office, we have multiple hygienists that you can choose from.  While most of our patients don’t have a preference, it’s nice to know that at Summerbrook Dental Group, you have a choice!