Dental Hygiene Is Important For Everyone Especially Students

Dental Hygiene Is Important For Everyone Especially Students

STARTING COLLEGE is a daunting time!  Books are expensive, classes are hard, and your whole routine changes.  It’s not surprising that in the midst of all of this juggling, brushing and flossing can fall by the wayside, as can healthy eating choices, regular exercise and keeping up with routine appointments. Our college students certainly have their work cut out for them!


Pulling all-nighters trying to study for that upcoming midterm or partying late into the night poses a huge lifestyle change for college students.  Many times, college students try to stay awake by drinking caffeinated soda, coffee or energy drinks.  However, this habit can be really bad for your teeth!  Not only do they cause cavities, but teeth can yellow by a whole shade in one semester!  Drinking water can help reduce the risk and keep your teeth whiter, longer.

Late-night study sessions and all-night parties (yes, we know, none of you would ever do this) will invariably lead to forgetting to brush and floss.  Try leaving a note for yourself or putting your floss on your pillow will help remind you to keep your smile healthy when you finally do turn down the sheets.

Snacking helps us stay awake, and makes studying more fun.  But did you know that just about any food can cause cavities?  The biggest secret that you need to know is that any time you eat something, your teeth are under cavity attack for 20 minutes.  So if you’re going to eat that bag of M&M’s or drink that soda, do it all at once instead of nursing it over time.  That way you’ll only have one 20-minute attack on your teeth instead of restarting the clock every time you pop another M&M or sip your soda.  Your smile will thank you!


Wisdom teeth come in during the college years.  We can work with you to determine when and if your wisdom teeth need to be removed.  Did you know that dental pain is the #1 cause of missed school in the United States!?  Wow!  Keep your attendance high by being proactive about conditions that can cause future pain and cause you to miss class unnecessarily!


It’s college, which means new habits, new routines and a new lifestyle.  Are you still keeping up to date on your hygiene appointments at the dentist?  How has your sugar intake changed?  Are you still brushing and flossing like you used to?

When you go to college, your routine will change, and that’s a good thing!  Just make sure that you keep up with your exams and don’t let brushing and flossing habits fall by the wayside.  You don’t want to get through college and land that golden career only to have to spend your first paycheck fixing your teeth!  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Good luck to all of our college student patients out there!