How Many Of Us Actually Brush Twice A Day?

How Many Of Us Actually Brush Twice A Day?


We’re supposed to brush our teeth twice a day, but how many of us actually end up doing it?  Check out the poll below to see how you measure up to the rest of the population!
From a recent poll:

  • 49% of men brush their teeth only once per day (who’s kissing these guys!?)
  • 57% of women brush their teeth only once a day (hey ladies, that’s not much better…)

It’s not only about how many times per day you brush – it’s also about how LONG you brush.  Did you know that MOST Americans brush for only 30 seconds?  That’s only 1/4 as long as we’re supposed to!  2 minutes is the minimum recommended amount for brushing a full set of teeth.  Just think – you could be leaving 75% of the cavity-causing germs behind!

Killing them softly

Germs are sticky, but they’re also fragile.  If you brush them softly you’re just as likely to remove them as if you really go at it hard.  And, brushing softly will also save some of your enamel!  I see patients every single day who are losing tooth structure simply because they’re brushing too hard.  Lots of people brush hard to save on time.  But is it really worth it?


One of the biggest hiding places for cavity-causing germs is just under the gum line.  If you’re brushing your teeth straight on, there’s no way your bristles are effective at getting under the gum line to kill those germs!  Instead, try turning your brush to a 45 degree angle so that the bristles are angled under the gums.  Brush in small circles and try to visualize “sweeping” the germs out of your gums.  You’ll do a lot more good that way!


Did you know that the biggest hiding place for germs (and the biggest culprit for bad breath) is the tongue!?  If you’re only brushing your teeth, you’re literally missing millions and millions of bacteria that are living on your tongue.  Then, those germs transfer right back to your teeth again.  So, if you want your brushing to be effective against cavities AND bad breath, try brushing that tongue to a nice, pink shine!


Brushing twice a day and improving your technique is not just a recommendation or a wish-list item.  It’s an absolute necessity for healthy teeth and gums as well as good breath!  We love smiles, but we love to keep them healthy, too!  To minimize future dental problems, get on that toothbrush at least twice a day!

Thanks for reading our blog and the world thanks you for your better brushing!