How to Stop Someone from Snoring: Snoring Therapy that Works

How to Stop Someone from Snoring: Snoring Therapy that Works

Hearing someone snore can make it extremely difficult to fall asleep. Click here for different remedies on how to stop someone from snoring.

Snoring affects almost 50% of American adults. For many people, it can be the cause of sleepless nights and it can even cause stress in relationships. The world can look like a totally different place when you have a full night’s sleep. 

Snoring can also be a strong indication of an underlying health problem you may be unaware of, so it’s important not to ignore it. If you’re wondering how to stop someone from snoring, here are a few easy remedies that can fix the problem.

Weight Loss

Weight is one of the main reasons that many people start to snore. Being overweight can mean that the amount of tissue in the throat has increased and is stopping you from breathing properly during your sleep.

As you can imagine, if this sign is ignored, it can become dangerous for anyone that continues to gain weight. The most obvious remedy, in this case, is weight loss. You can begin to lose weight by making meal portions smaller, exercising and eating healthier foods.

Try Sleeping on Your Side

Before you decide to invest in expensive snoring aids, try sleeping on your side instead. Many people automatically roll onto their backs during their sleep but for some people, this can be the cause of snoring.

When you sleep on your back, your tongue is more likely to roll back into your throat. Again, this can cut off airways and make it difficult for you to breathe as you normally would while you’re awake. Sleeping on your side is a good way to find out the cause of your snoring and, with any luck, stop it.

Use Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are an ideal way to prevent minor snoring problems. You place the strips along the ridge of the nose and they help to increase the space in the nasal passage. 

For most snorers, this is a comfortable and convenient solution when snoring keeps you or anyone else awake at night. 

Address Allergies

You may have noticed that your snoring becomes worse when your allergies flare up. This is a very common reason for snoring. Allergies often produce the same symptoms as a cold or flu, which can block the nasal airways. 

You may be forced to breathe through your mouth, rather than your nose which increases the chances of snoring. Try and recognize the signs of an allergy flare up and do what you can to address them. It may mean closing the windows when the pollen count is high or taking an allergy medication prescribed by your doctor.

Deviated Septums

Some people will experience a bump or accident during their lifetime that causes a deviated septum. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a break in the bone and some people may be unaware that their septum has deviated without a professional identifying it. 

Correcting this problem can completely solve any snoring worries. In some cases, this may involve undergoing surgery which can be a risk. However, this type of surgery is considered a routine procedure these days and most patients are left thrilled with the results.

Avoid Alcohol Before Sleeping

Sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy a glass of wine before going to bed. It can be a great way to unwind after a hard day. However, if you’re a snorer, you may want to avoid alcohol in order to get a decent rest. 

Alcohol is known to relax the throat muscles which can lead to snoring while you’re asleep. Try switching to a soothing drink, like camomile tea before bed.

Drop the Sleeping Pills

There are times when it can be difficult to get to sleep without some help. The aid of sleeping pills can be a wonderful thing when you’re going through a stressful time. The problem is, sedatives are well known for contributing to the likelihood of snoring. 

Always use sedatives as a last resort. Try natural ways to encourage sleep before using anything else. Take part in exercise throughout the day, switch off devices an hour before bed in favor of reading a book and drink a warm glass of milk. If you find sedatives are a necessity for sleep, you may want to look into anti snoring devices.

Sleep More

It’s a bit of a catch 22 but people who have an adequate seven to eight hours of sleep each night are less likely to snore. Snoring often occurs in a deeper sleep, when people are more exhausted than they should be.

Make sure to put rest at the top of your priority list, not just for the sake of not snoring but for your overall health too.

An Oral Appliance

Perhaps you’ve seen these in use on TV adverts or in the movies. Oral appliances are one of the most popular stop snoring devices in use. These appliances are dental mouthpieces that keep your airways open as you sleep, making it less likely that you’ll snore. 

The aim is to make it easier for you to breathe properly as you sleep. You’ll need to visit your dentist to get an oral appliance that’s suited to you.

Palatal Implants

You may need a little extra help in stopping your snoring. Palatal implants are often known as the pillar procedure. This procedure involves injecting braided strands of polyester into your soft palate. 

The aim is to stiffen your palate in order to reduce your snoring. This is usually considered a drastic measure for improving snoring so it’s best to exhaust all your options before making any inquiries.

How to Stop Someone From Snoring: The Reality

When you’re searching how to stop someone from snoring, the reality is the journey could be a long one. For many people, there’s no magic answer and it could take time and effort to explore your options. Take a closer look at how dentistry could help you solve your snoring problems.