Juicing And What It Means To Your Teeth

Juicing And What It Means To Your Teeth

EVERYONE IS JUICING!No, we’re not talking about NFL players taking steroids. Juicing fruits and vegetables seems to be a hot ticket on the social blogosphere! But how does it affect your teeth?

Tough Juice

As discussed in a recent blog post, cavities are caused by acid, not sugar. However, the sugars we eat are metabolized by the germs on our teeth, and that produces acid.
So, you can get cavities by eating (or drinking) sugary foods, but you can also get cavities just by having too much acid in your diet!

The bad news: Juicing has both a high concentration of sugars, AND a high concentration of acid. In other words, it’s tough on your teeth.

But wait!—don’t throw your juicer out in the trash! There are still lots of health benefits to juicing, so we want to tell you some ways you can make sure your juices are healthier for your teeth
AND you’re still getting the benefit you need!

First, pick the right stuff!

Instead of juices that are full of high sugar or high acid items, consider adding some of these healthy ingredients to your daily juice:

  • Try the Leafy Treetops! The great thing about adding some greens is that leafy greens in your juice won’t spike your blood sugar, and will temper the sugars that are already in the juice.
    And, leafy greens are great for your teeth and bones!
  • Don’t get crazy with the fruit and when you do use some fruits, be sure to use ripe fruits. Unripened fruits are higher in acid than ripe fruits, and may cause more problems down the road.
  • You put the Lime in the coconut. Putting a few drops of Coconut oil in your juice will give you added antibacterial properties and other ingredients that are great for your teeth! And unless
    you use a LOT, you probably won’t even taste it (in case you don’t like coconut).
  • The secret lies in the cranberries. Cranberries actually contain a chemical that keep the germs from sticking to your teeth! That’s great news for healthy smiles.
  • The Hue matters. Dark berries, beets and other highly pigmented foods aren’t necessarily bad for your teeth or your health, but they can stain! You might consider using a straw to keep these
    colors away from your pearly whites.

When you’re juicing, just ask yourself 3 questions: 1) Will this add nutrients to my juice? 2) Will this stain my teeth? 3) Does this fruit have a high concentration of acid or sugars?
If the answers to these questions don’t add up to your health goals, consider a different option.

We Care About Your Whole Body Health

We’re all about you staying healthy, and juicing can play an important role in that! But let’s work together to keep your smile healthy by choosing juices that are healthy for your body…AND your smile! See you soon!