Managing That Halloween Sweet Tooth

Managing That Halloween Sweet Tooth

HALLOWEEN IS A fun holiday with lots of candy and sweet treats being shared. With all the sugar being eaten it is quite spooky how much it can effect your teeth.
The sugar is bad for our teeth because it feeds harmful oral bacteria that secrete acid, and that acid wears down enamel and tooth decay is the result. Now, how can we avoid tooth decay and still
enjoy the fun of Halloween?

Ranking Candy On Dental Health

It is not very likely that the houses you stop at will be giving out sugar free candy or gum to any of the treak-or-treaters. Although candy has sugar some sugary candies are worse
than others and can create scarier problems than a ghost on Halloween.

  • Hard candy has two main problems. Because it is hard you run the danger of teeth breaking if you bite down on the candy.
    On the flip side, if you don’t bite it but suck on it you have sugar just sitting in your mouth for a long time.
  • Sour candies are very acidic and have lots of sugar, both of which are very bad for your teeth and the enamel.
  • Sticky or gummy candy is like glue and gets stuck on your teeth. Since it is fastened to your teeth it provides food to the bacteria leaving your enamel vulnerable.
  • Ready for some good news? The least harmful sugary candy is chocolate! It has less sugar than most candy and the cocoa actually has some good benefits.
    The darker the chocolate the less sugar it contains. Wahoo!!!!

Reducing The Candy Quantity

We know that being more cautious about our candy choices will help us, but also limiting the amount of candy we eat will benefit us as well. As grandparents and parents
we can help the kids we take trick-or-treating ahead of time by coming up with a plan. Whether you decide to not visit as many houses this year or come up with a non-candy reward
they can trade their candy in for. Planning ahead is best.

More Tooth-Healthy Strategies

Now that we have talked about a couple great ideas to help make the holiday still fun, but also help to protect our teeth,
here are a few simple things you can do to reduce the dental effects of all that Halloween candy. Drinking more water to rinse out the sugar,
limit how often they are eating candy is more important than the amount, and wait thirty minutes after eating candy to brush your
teeth. That last one made you stop for a minute, didn’t it? The purpose in waiting to brush is because it takes our saliva about 30 minutes to balance the pH in our
mouth after we have eaten sugar.

Keeping Teeth Healthy Year-Round

With the Halloween season done the job of keeping our teeth healthy and strong is never done. Keep up the daily routine of brushing and flossing and limit the sugary treats along with regular
dental visits and you’ll have a good habit year round.
Hope you had a spooky Halloween!

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