Oral Health Tips for Men

Oral Health Tips for Men

SUSTAINING PROPER ORAL HEALTH is key for everyone, but it usually means something different for men than it does for women. In order to outline the differences we have put together a list of concerns all men should be aware of in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy!

Brush That Charming Smile!

For many women, a man’s smile is his most attractive feature. Yet studies have shown that men do not practice diligent oral hygiene as well as women do. One national survey found that men were 20% less
likely to brush their teeth twice a day compared to their women counterpart. In addition, the study found that they also changed their toothbrush on a less frequent basis. Some good news is that other studies
have shown the presence of a beard is beneficial in keeping harmful germs away from men’s faces and keeping them out of their mouth!!

Minimizing Risk Factors For Disease

Men tend to experience more oral health consequences of smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco than women. These consequences include tooth loss, periodontitis, and even oral cancer. The best prevention
is to avoid oral habits like these which put your overall health at risk!

Greater Risks Of Dry Mouth

High blood pressure and heart disease also tend to affect men more than women. Medication is commonly prescribed to treat these diseases. This medication produces a very common side-effect of dry mouth.
Dry mouth can have negative implications on your oral health. Many do not understand the importance of saliva for good oral health. Saliva washes away bacteria as well as regulates the mouths pH. If you
are experiencing dry mouth, or lack of saliva, you are placing yourself at an increased risk of gum disease, cavities, and even bad breath. Our office can assist with any issues or problems you are having
with dry mouth.

Be A Man: Go To The Dentist

Prevention is the key to maintaining proper oral health. The best form of prevention is regular dental visits. We recommend that all patients schedule an appointment every six months regardless if they are
experiencing any issues with their teeth.

Let's Keep Those Pearly Whites Shining!

Many men tend to wait till they are in significant pain or are experiencing some other major problem before they make an appointment to come see us. We strongly recommend that you do not take this “tough guy”
approach. Be sure to schedule those regular appointments so we can assist you in staying ahead of any problems.

We love helping our patients establish and maintain beautiful smiles!

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