The Benefits of Gum Contouring from a Dentist in Aurora

The Benefits of Gum Contouring from a Dentist in Aurora

Are you unhappy with your current gum line? Gum contouring may be the answer. See how a dentist in Aurora can help reshape your gums.

Big smiles—don’t be shy!

More people are hiding their toothy grins, though they shouldn’t. A beautiful smile makes us feel more confident and even boosts our mental health.

When we’re unhappy with our smiles, though, we tend to hide them away. 46% of all adults ages 30 years and up already show signs of gum disease.

Instead of hiding your smile, consider the benefits of gum contouring from a dentist in Aurora.

What’s gum contouring, you ask? Keep reading to find out! It could be the secret to a better smile you’ve been searching for. 

What is Gum Contouring?

Your cosmetic dentist may recommend gum contouring to enhance your smile.

This procedure involves reshaping the gumline that impacts your smile. In most cases, gum contouring involves minor oral surgery. The procedure gives your oral dentist the chance to trim away excess gum tissue to reveal your beautiful smile. 

Given that there’s minor surgery involved, you may want to ask your dentist in Aurora about dental sedation for the procedure.

Don’t worry, though. This procedure is minimally invasive. During the procedure, your dentist will focus on areas of tissue that cover too much of your teeth.

Before you go under, your dentist will examine your current smile. A dentist in Aurora can review your gums, teeth, and overall oral health. From there, they can determine whether or not gum contouring is the right option for you.  

Don’t forget to schedule your bi-annual check-up to avoid potential oral health problems in the future. You can ask your dentist about gum contouring during your next check-up. 

What are the Benefits?

The goal of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as gum contouring is to improve your smile. One of the main benefits of gum contouring is revealing the beautiful ear-to-ear grin you’ve had hidden all along!

Imagine how confident you’ll feel after your smile is improved. Instead of hiding your uneven gums behind closed lips, you can smile and laugh without holding back.

Here are a few more benefits of contouring your uneven gum line.

Oral Health

Gum contouring can also benefit your overall oral health, too. 

For example, gingivitis develops when bacteria find a home under your gum tissues. When this happens, your toothbrush can’t reach that bacteria to clean it away. Gum contouring can help reduce your risk of gum disease.

Severe gum disease is considered the 11th most prevalent disease in the world.

Periodontal gum contouring can also counter:

  • Tooth loss
  • Decay
  • Gigival infections
  • Periodontal disease caused by receding gumlines

In fact, receding gumlines can leave your teeth exposed. That vulnerability makes it easier for bacteria to accumulate. By scheduling a gum contouring appointment with your dentist in Aurora, you can seal your gum tissue and prevent future health problems.

Instead of leaving your smile at risk, protect yourself. Gum contouring can ensure those pesky bacteria have nowhere to hide. 


If you already have a pearly white and even smile, you can benefit from gum contouring, too! Sometimes, the only thing your smile is missing is one last, aesthetically pleasing touch.

In addition to evening out your gum line, a visit to your dentist in Aurora can also reduce sensitivity you’re experiencing. Rather than leaving your tooth roots exposed, you can use gum contouring to protect your roots, relieving that sensitivity. 

Gum reduction is also a great follow-up procedure for porcelain veneers and braces. If you feel like your smile is almost there, gum contouring can help you perfect your smile with one final touch.


So many people hide their teeth behind half-smiles because they feel self-conscious about their gum line. This can impact your self-confidence. Both show up in pictures. 

After a gum contouring procedure, you won’t have to hide anymore. Instead, you can smile without holding yourself back. That bright, wide grin will boost your mood.

As an added bonus, the results after a gum contouring procedure are long-lasting, too!

Is Gum Contouring Right for Me?

Do you feel like you have a “gummy” smile, where your gums cover too much of your teeth?

If your teeth appear smaller than they should, ask your dentist in Aurora about gum contouring. You should also consider this procedure if:

  • Your gums cover an uneven amount of your teeth
  • The asymmetrical appearance of your gums impacts your smile
  • You’re feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your gummy smile
  • You have a few areas of gum recession
  • You have gum disease and need to replace missing gum tissue
  • You received porcelain veneers and want to improve your smile
  • You recently had your braces removed and you want to improve your gumline

If you’re still unsure about whether or not gum contouring is right for you, contact your dentist today. They can help you determine if this treatment (or another procedure) can help improve your gumline. 


Your oral care after the procedure is important, too.

Make sure you continue brushing and flossing twice a day, even after your appointment.

In the weeks immediately following your procedure, you might experience sensitivity. This is normal. During these weeks, make sure to brush and floss gently.

That way, you can avoid irritating your still-sensitive gums.

Otherwise, you might put yourself at risk of infection.

After brushing and flossing your teeth, use a gum health cleansing mouth rinse. This will ensure you kill off any lingering germs before they can harm your sensitive gums.

Reshape Your Smile: Gum Contouring from a Dentist in Aurora

Say goodbye to those gums and hello to the pearly whites hiding underneath!

After your gum contouring procedure, you’ll never want to hide your beautiful smile again. All it takes is a visit to your dentist in Aurora and you’re ready to go.

Unhappy with your gumline or interested in an alternative procedure? We’re happy to explore other options with you. Contact us today to discover the smile you’ve been searching for.