The Difference Between Same Day Dental Crowns and Traditional Crowns

The Difference Between Same Day Dental Crowns and Traditional Crowns

Over time, our teeth experience a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes, no matter how well we take care of our teeth, they need some extra help.

Luckily with new technological advancements, dentists are finding ways to better treat patients and in less time. Same day dental crowns are a great option for so many.

Today, we’re sharing what particular benefits they offer and how they compare to traditional crowns. Let’s go!

Why Are Dental Crowns Used?

There are a number of different reasons that you may need dental crowns. A crown is a cap that is fitted over the entire surface of a tooth. If you’re worried about the process, rest assured it is one of the most commonly performed dental treatments.

Some reasons you may need one is to support a tooth that has been affected by decay, cracked, or damaged in some way. A dental crown can also be used to enhance a tooth that looks miscolored or is misshapen. It can instantly improve the look of these teeth for a better smile.

It may also be necessary as an anchor for an implant or bridge, which is used when teeth are missing. Crowns will also act as a support for the teeth that fit around it, helping to maintain your smile and the alignment of your bite.

Typically, the process of getting a traditional crown includes two separate dental visits. Anesthesia is used during both visits.

In between visits, it can take about 1 to 3 weeks for a crown to be made specifically for your mouth. More recent advancements in technology have allowed this process to be completed in much less time. Plus, it may result in a better outcome too.

What Are Same Day Dental Crowns?

Rather than having to wait many weeks and take time out of your busy schedule to visit your dentist twice, same-day dental crowns eliminate the waiting.

Just as the name implies, your dentist is able to provide you with brand new dental crowns within one office visit. Your dentist does this by first using a camera the size of a pen to take images of your teeth.

The camera is connected to advanced computer software that will help your dentist create the perfect crown for you. A milling machine then uses this information to finely craft your crown out of a solid block of metal-free materials that mostly consist of ceramic.

By using this technology, you will eliminate much of the human error involved in the manual creation of dental crowns. Traditional methods require molds to be taken of your teeth using impression putty and stone models.

They are then sent away to a lab where someone will create your dental crown using these models. The process doesn’t always result in the most accurate outcome.

New Advanced Technology

With same-day dental crowns, a computer is assisting your dentist in creating the perfect crown for you, down to the smallest detail. This is especially helpful when creating multiple crowns.

The computer is able to capture all angles of your tooth and replicate it exactly if that is what’s needed. It can make note of any indentations, fissures, ridges, and pits to accommodate for the placement and fit of your crown.

The end result is created by the milling machine in just a matter of minutes. In most cases, it is so accurate that no additional adjustments are needed. Your doctor can insert your crown within one office visit, leaving you more time for more important matters.

Same-day dental crowns are more convenient and also comfortable. You won’t have to worry about messy putty impressions. Plus, it’s a cost-effective choice too.

Are Same-Day Dental Crowns for You?

Same-day dental crowns are not always the best option for all patients. Sometimes traditional methods are still necessary.

For example, for some custom shading, it may still require multiple visits to get the right look. Metal crowns are sometimes still recommended to withstand wear and tear better in the case of a person who grinds their teeth.

For fractures that are below the gum line, some dentists find that the traditional crowns are a better fit. This is because the cameras are unable to capture damage that is below the gum line.

See Amazing Results

For most patients, same-day dental crowns are the best option for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that you will have a great smile in just a few short hours.

Same-day crowns will also help you avoid further injury. Typically when dental crowns are made, your dentist will provide you with a temporary crown until your final one comes in from the lab.

However, these temporary crowns often don’t fit as well. They can potentially cause more damage to your teeth by breaking. When a temporary crown breaks off, it makes room for bacteria to enter the tooth and cause further decay. Same-day crowns skip this step altogether and provide you with a comfortable crown before you leave.

Because of the accuracy of this technology, same-day crowns also tend to avoid extra drilling on your tooth. This means the tooth is less likely to be permanently damaged.

They’re Cost-Effective

Even though the technology to create same-day crowns is very expensive, the cost to get them for patients is about the same as a traditional crown. This is because these crowns require less time in the office. It saves you an extra visit and helps you to avoid having to call out of work.

As mentioned earlier, you also don’t have to pay for lab fees. Prices can vary for same-day crowns depending on your area and provider.

Unbeatable Solution

We hope this information about dental crowns will help you make the right decision for your dental treatment.

If you aren’t sure if same day dental crowns are the right option for you, we’re here to help.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns!