Who’s Ready for some Trivia!!

Who’s Ready for some Trivia!!

FOR MANY PEOPLE the subject of teeth is only discussed when something is wrong or hurts, like from a toothache or other dental trauma. Some may broach the subject in order to
talk about the latest trends in teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures, but most of the time teeth get left out of the conversation. That is why today we thought it would be fun to talk about
teeth in a more interesting fashion-dental trivia!

Did You Know…?

We took the liberty of compiling seven of our favorite and most interesting dental trivia facts. Did you already know some of them? If you know any others that we failed to discuss, feel free to share
them in the comments!

  1. Days of Brushing: Two minutes of brushing twice a day means that you are spending an entire day simply brushing your teeth for every year of your life! Way to go keeping those teeth healthy and happy!
  2. First Impressions: Most people agree that after the eyes, ones smile is the most common thing people notice about you. If that is not an incentive to take care of it I don’t know what is!
  3. Teeth Tattoos: Bet you didn’t know that it IS possible to tattoo your teeth. Technically the tattoo is on a cap or crown that covers the tooth versus on the tooth itself.
  4. Super-healing Powers: Injuries sustained to the mouth (such as a bitten cheek or burned tongue) heal faster than injuries sustained to any other part of the body. This is mainly in part to the ample blood supply the mouth receives, the simplicity of the tissues in the cheeks, tongue, and gums, and the healing properties of saliva.
  5. Missing Teeth are Common: The collective amount of teeth for most humans in a lifetime is 20 baby teeth and between 28 and 32 adult teeth (depending on how many wisdom teeth one has). However, for a small percentage of the population, 3-8 percent, some of those teeth might never develop at all.
  6. Baby Teeth: Another interesting statistic is that one in about 2,000 babies is born with at least one tooth already broken through the gum line! These teeth are called natal teeth (or neonatal if they break through within the first month).
  7. Ice Age Dentistry: Evidence has been found that even our very early ancestors underwent dental work. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of dental fillings in teeth from 13,000 years ago in northern Italy!

Take Care Of Those Teeth!

As you just read, there are plenty of weird and interesting facts one can learn about our teeth, but the most important fact is if you ever notice anything unusual or suspicious about your own teeth then come see us!
It is always better for us to take a look and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary versus dealing with a potential problem later down the road.

Remember To Keep Brushing And Flossing!

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