Why Do I Need To See A Dentist Every Six Months?

Why Do I Need To See A Dentist Every Six Months?
WHY ON EARTH do you have to see your dentist every 6 months? The reasons are endless – from keeping your mouth healthy to preventing serious diseases through early intervention.  There are a lot of reasons why the best dentists recommend keeping your 6-month visits up to date!


What exactly are these dentists looking for when you show off those pearly whites? Yes, we’re looking for cavities (yes, even the best patients of the best dentists here in Aurora, CO get cavities!).  But did you know that we’re also looking for diseases and conditions that don’t hurt but can cause significant problems down the road?  Just like diabetes or high blood pressure, many dental problems don’t hurt at all, but can be symptoms of serious underlying diseases.  Oral Cancer is still one of the biggest killers in the United States, and we look for that during your visits!  We also look to see how well your existing dental work is holding up.  X-rays are absolutely essential to see those things that are not visible from the surface and to ensure that you have healthy roots.

Before or after your exam, you’re also likely to get a cleaning.  We do this by:

  • Giving your mouth a “once over” to see how things look generally
  • Removing germs from your teeth (plaque and tartar)
  • Give your teeth a fantastic polish and shine
  • Flossing!  (Of course!)

As you know if you’ve ever had a cleaning, we’ll usually have some bits of advice for how to improve or maintain what you already have.


Clean, shiny, white teeth and good breath can definitely boost your confidence, but did you know there are other medical conditions that can affect the rest of your body – and they can start in your mouth!?  Many people don’t know this, but the germs that start in your mouth can actually spread to other parts of your body and are a LEADING CAUSE of  heart disease and other serious conditions.


In former days, people used to look in horse’s mouths before buying the horse.  Do you know why?  It’s because the mouth is a primary place where you can see  warning signs of other conditions. Things such as nutritional problems, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease can present symptoms in your mouth!  We, like all good dentists, look for these things at each dental checkup.


As you know, we’re big on technology at Summerbrook.  We think that’s one of the things that makes us one of the best dentists in aurora, not to mention in the whole country!  In addition to helping your smile look and feel its best, we’re committed to your overall health. We want your whole body to be healthy, not just your mouth!