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Dental Implants: A Worthy Investment In Your Oral and Overall Health

If you have missing teeth, you may have already heard about the life-changing benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are widely considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and are a worthy long-term investment in your overall health. Because every treatment at our Aurora, CO, practice is tailored to your unique needs, the dental implant cost can range anywhere from $500 to $20,000. Dr. Jim Craig and his team will work closely with you to design a treatment plan that fits your budget, oral health needs, and overall goals. To cover any out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment, we also accept financing through CareCredit®

Factors that Influence the Cost of Dental Implants

Because we design each treatment based on your goals, we can help you come up with recommendations that suit your budget. There are several factors that can influence the final cost of your treatment.

pie chart of dental implant cost factors
Understanding the different cost factors can help you make an educated decision about dental implants.

Preparatory Procedures Needed 

When planning your dental implant treatment, we begin by taking a 3-D x-ray of your smile. This image helps us assess the health of your jawbone and determine whether it is structurally strong enough to host your new dental implants.

If you have compromised jawbone tissue due to prolonged tooth loss or facial trauma, we may recommend bone augmentation prior to dental implants. Because they are considered surgical procedures, a bone graft, sinus lift, or a combination of both will add to the overall cost of your treatment. 

Type of Sedation Used 

We offer various forms of sedation, ranging from mild to deep level sedation. Our options include: 

  • Nitrous Oxide: This mild form of sedation is administered through a mask over your nose and is a fast-acting, effective way to help you relax during surgery. 
  • Oral Conscious: We use medication, such as Valium®, to help you feel relaxed leading up to your procedure. Medication typically costs more than nitrous oxide, but is a great option for patients with severe anxiety.
  • Intravenous: For patients who have severe dental phobia or particularly complex cases, we may administer your sedation intravenously. Intravenous sedation is typically the most costly form of sedation offered. 

In general, the more sedation you need, the greater the cost of your surgery will be. 

How Many Implants You Need 

The dental implant cost can range anywhere from $500 to $20,000.

The more missing teeth you have, the more implants you will generally need and the higher the cost of your treatment will be. For patients who need to replace a full arch of teeth but are on a budget, we may recommend All-on-4® treatment. Developed by Nobel Biocare, this option only requires four dental implants per arch of teeth. Because All-on-4 implants also require less bone tissue, they are also a great option for patients who want to save money by skipping bone grafting. 

Your Final Restoration 

The more extensive your tooth loss, the larger your restoration will need to be. While patients with a single missing tooth may benefit from an implant-supported dental crown, those with widespread tooth loss may need a full set of dentures. Because prosthetics are customized to your smile, larger restorations are usually more expensive. 

Financing Your Treatment

Dental implants are typically considered an elective dental procedure. Although your insurance company will not cover the cost of implants, they may cover part or all of the cost of your restoration if they are considered medically necessary.

To help cover out-of-pocket costs, we accept financing through CareCredit. This third-party lender offers flexible, low-interest financing and simple online payment options

A Lifetime Investment 

If you are still worried about the cost of dental implants, rest assured that this is a treatment that you will most likely only have to undergo once in your lifetime. According to the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness, studies over the past 50 years have shown that implants have a success rate of over 95 percent. With proper care and a healthy lifestyle, implant failure is very rare. 

Start Building Your Treatment Plan 

We prioritize your choices and work alongside every patient to design a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget. Dr. Craig can provide a more accurate cost estimate during your dental implant consultation. To schedule an appointment, simply call our office at (303) 693-1215 or contact us online

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