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Target Multiple Oral Health Problems
with a Single Treatment Plan

As the teeth, gums, and jaws are connected, it is common for patients to suffer from multiple dental issues at the same time. To combat decay, damage, and infection, Dr. Jim Craig in Aurora, CO, designs full mouth reconstruction plans, which can address several concerns simultaneously. Depending on the case, our team may even be able to combine multiple treatments into a single appointment for faster results. Full mouth reconstruction can renew your ability to eat and speak properly, as well as smile with confidence.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

As the needs of every patient are different, no single full mouth reconstruction is the same.

Like a smile makeover, a full mouth reconstruction combines multiple dental procedures into a comprehensive treatment plan. However, whereas smile makeovers focus on cosmetic enhancement, reconstruction plans are dedicated to restoring a compromised smile. Your plan may include dental implants for missing teeth, periodontal therapy for gum disease, or dental fillings for decay. 

Possible Procedures

As the needs of every patient are different, no full mouth reconstruction is the same. Some of the most commonly included treatments are:

  • Dental implants: Secured directly into the jaw, these posts replace missing dental roots and provide unrivaled support for crowns, bridges, and dentures. For patients who have lost jawbone tissue as a result of missing teeth, we may recommend a preliminary bone graft or sinus lift to encourage bone regrowth.
  • Crowns and bridges: A more affordable alternative to implants, crowns and bridges can address damaged or missing teeth. These are supported by your natural teeth rather than implant posts. With an in-house CEREC® machine, we can take impressions, craft, and place an all-porcelain restoration in about one to two hours.
  • Dentures: While a bridge can replace a few adjacent missing teeth, a denture can replace an entire dental arch. Depending on your budget and needs, a denture may either attach to dental implants or rest directly on the gums.
  • Dental fillings: Made of a tooth-colored composite mixture, fillings can restore decayed or damaged teeth. Composite resin can be color-matched to blend with your smile.
  • Periodontal treatment: Since untreated gum disease can severely weaken your oral health, periodontal treatment is a powerful tool for full mouth reconstruction. Depending on the severity of the condition, the doctors may recommend special oral hygiene techniques or a deep cleaning to remove bacteria. 
  • Root canal therapy: If decay reaches the innermost portion of a tooth, our doctors can perform root canal therapy to remove the source of the infection and eliminate pain. Afterward, we can place a crown over the tooth to restore function and protect it from re-infection.

After evaluating your smile, the doctor can recommend the treatments most appropriate for your needs. If necessary, we may also suggest mouth guards to prevent teeth grinding or wisdom tooth removal to ease crowding.

Rebuild Your Smile

The team at Summerbrook Dental Group can restore the beauty and function of your teeth and gums with a full mouth reconstruction. To find out how treatment can benefit you, reach out to our office online or by calling (303) 693-1215 and schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

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Dr. Craig is a one-of-a-kind dentist. I hate dental work more than anyone I know, and in his caring hands, I am finally on the road to good dental health...I have never been in any kind of pain. He simply won't allow it. 

-Actual Patient
Aurora, CO